Over the past ten years, Augmented Reality (AR), which is the overlay of virtual information onto a real-world object, has begun to take root in society. I have recently used the free smartphone app "HP Reveal" to create AR content relevant to both the chemistry classroom as well as the laboratory. You can see a preprint of a manuscript detailing this work on ChemRxiv

I have created 30 AR notecards that, upon interaction with the HP Reveal app, produce an AR video with curved-arrow formalism that can be used as a supplementary guide for studying reaction mechanisms.

As a second application of this technology, I demonstrated how AR can be used to explain the setup and use of laboratory equipment in the laboratory. This could be important for both a research laboratory as well as a laboratory classroom.

You can download the .ppt file for the 30 AR notecards with this link.

Example of a sheet of notecards available- reduced in size. You are free to move or remove specific AR notecards from .ppt file.

Please let me know if you have general comments or corrections that can be made to these slides.